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New sculpture at Stackpole Gardens.

Sculpture Stackpole Gardens I’ve installed some new cast concrete sculptures for an exhibition at the Stackpole Walled Gardens, in Pembrokeshire. On show till further notice.         More detail about the exhibition as a part of Art out West can be seen at

R&D 12 | Creativity Uncertainty

Creativity uncertainty. By Ben Lloyd. Last summer in Danny May’s shed-gallery installation at the Centre for Alternative Technology, we had found ourselves discussing art process rather than product, and agreeing on non-objective creative tasks for ourselves. Our aim was to freely experiment, to see what happened and where that took us. Much later whilst writing about the idea of the Continue Reading »

R&D 11 | Newfangled Spanner

Newfangled Spanner This artwork considers the experience of an ordinary person. This person is imagined here through the contents of a garden shed. The stuff within attempts to make sense of the world through simple drawings and toy-like assemblages. These hobby ‘projects’ enable him to better cope with and relate to the modern world we live in. This project is Continue Reading »

R&D 10 | Play 2

Each construction was based on play with a loose direction, then the installation was photographed and dismantled and we started again from scratch.               The whole process took part in this shed purpose built by Danny and installed in the grounds of the Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth. The last installation, below, was based on Continue Reading »

R&D 9 | Colour, taste and narrative

I’m looking forward to this exciting trying-it-out stage and have load of questions. In this post I aim to come up with questions that may help realise the project more successfully, they don’t necessarily need answers. As I understand it, you have made a small wooden room in which to stage a experimental changeable exhibition that will be created/constructed from coloured chunks/elements Continue Reading »

R&D 7 | The cage, the cell and the frame

The constructed containing space of the cage or cell of modern art is what comes to mind following your blogposts ‘Portable gallery’ and ‘The Frame’ Danny.  I know you are really into Louise Bourgeois so it got me wondering why you are into her art and in particular why she made so many cages and how this related to her figurative Continue Reading »

Exhibition at St Fagans

This exhibition was informed by St Fagans museum of Welsh history and its display of pre and post-industrial age machines and crafts. I was originally drawn to the display of everyday objects, such as the wood-turned utilitarian items seen in many of the museums building, kitchens and living rooms. What interested me about these things is that they seemed to Continue Reading »

New sculpture project for St Fagans National History Museum

To me, working with wood of this size is about the scale relationship between us humans and the sculpture. For this project the artwork needs to have enough mass and impact to confront head on, not be ignored. The sculpture should be large enough to be seen amongst the outdoors and yet similar enough to our sense of human scale. Continue Reading »

Sculpture exhibition at the Centre for Alternative Technology

From August 2013 I have an exhibition at the Centre for Alternative Technology. This show is the culmination of my year long artist residency based within its visitor circuit. To see the project archive for this residency see here At the start of the residency and on arrival at the site what affected me most was the proximity of the Continue Reading »