Painted wooden bowls – Winter 2015

For the last couple of months I’ve been experimenting with painting the outsides of my recent woodturned bowls. The results so far are lovely and add a delightful quality to the bowls.

Painted wooden bowls


Painting them also adds a lot of time to the making process. I am using a vegan paint method of pure pigment mixed only with linseed oil, which can take up to three weeks or more to dry between coats!..

purple bowl


Faster drying methods require chemical additives, or by mixing the pigment with egg or milk based casein to make emulsions. But hey, what’s the rush? I like the waiting and there’s always something else to get on with.

After the first coat of paint is dry I often decide to add another paint layer, then let that also dry. After that I sometimes lightly sand the surface back to reveal highlights of the undercoat and the wood base of the bowl itself.

Big turquoise bowl

Finally, assuming that I don’t add another colour, the whole bowl is cleaned then finished with a coat of cold pressed raw linseed oil.

The resulting paint is soluble to detergents, but assuming the bowls are cleaned with hot water and a cloth only they will be survive for a lifetime or more.

Orange bowl

These bowls, or others like them are now available to buy through my painted wooden bowls online shop.


Hand painted wooden bowls

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