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New sculpture at Stackpole Gardens.

Sculpture Stackpole Gardens I’ve installed some new cast concrete sculptures for an exhibition at the Stackpole Walled Gardens, in Pembrokeshire. On show till further notice.         More detail about the exhibition as a part of Art out West can be seen at

R&D 11 | Newfangled Spanner

Newfangled Spanner This artwork considers the experience of an ordinary person. This person, imagined in a garden shed or toy-room, tries to make sense of the world through his drawings and toy-like assemblages. These hobby ‘projects’ enable him to better cope with and relate to the technological and incomprehensible objects Continue Reading »

R&D 10 | Play 2

Each construction was based on play with a loose direction, then the installation was photographed and dismantled and we started again from scratch.               The whole process took part in this shed purpose built by Danny and installed in the grounds of the Centre for Continue Reading »