Liminal Spaces

A project proposal.


Local history can be meaningless to most, especially given our preoccupation with the new and present moment.  It can be difficult to relate our own existence with those of past communities. It is tempting to imagine therefore that our lives as with theirs are likewise momentary and eventually or even quickly forgotten.

Ancient monuments are often all that remains as a tangible record of these past communities. England especially is littered with places such as disused churches, derelict buildings and old abandoned places.  Their presence all around has an impact on our identity. Many people live in these old buildings.  And yet we know little of the lives of their makers and original occupants. They offer little about the day-to-day sufferings, loves and joys of the people that once valued them.

This project will explore these ideas through using an art book format to set photographs and images of those visible remains opposite a creative reimagining of those individual lives of their original people and communities. We will use the Garden of Paradise theme to frame the project through a prelapsarian motif of innocence and wonder. To take that to relate to the joy and promise, as well as the pain that exists as a factor in each of our lives. To also use that theme to consider the relation between humankind and wilderness. Of how the duality of human nature is to tame yet inevitably yield to wilderness, risk, and death.

We will use this setting to consider and explore the persistence of nature, of how it invariably rewilds human efforts to manage it. And of how these places remain an oasis of an older world, amongst a modernised environ. And in the wider sense, the simultaneous destruction of nature and the environment through human effort. 

Images of some of the sculptures to be exhibited.