Wood turned platters

I recently received a request to make a large turned oak pizza plate

So I made several.

I cut a short section off the end of the remaining length of wind fallen oak I had been using to make sculpture.
And from it made these wood turned platters of various size and shape.

The first was styled like a large standard plate, with a wide flat rim

Yet in this case much larger, with a diameter of 45cm

Woodturned pizza plates for sale

With the second same sized plate I shaped like a pizza itself, with a rounded doughy rim. Also about 45cm in diameter

I like the way this one has a weird face

Oak turned pizza plate

The next plates continued to be pizza like in shape, which seemed obvious.

This one below was smaller,

but at around 40cm in diameter still ample for a large pizza

It looks grey, as I experimented with boiling it in water for an hour (to help prevent it from cracking and warping), not realising that the steel of the oil drum would caused the oak to grey.. Oiling will return it to brown

I also made one from a piece of beech wood I had recently felled

It was hard to work and very green, but seems to be much more resistant to shrinking and cracking than the oak

Beech wood pizza plate for sale

These plates can be ordered directly from my on-line shop

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